Juridische Gezondheid - Legal Health

Psychology x Legal behavior in 1 Persons-toko

Its not about 'what you want'; its about 'what you must undertake for Survival Murder attack by Satellite on your Own Body.





Since 2018, I - DEE.IPM - am in contact with My BillionKids. Goal for Life was : Evolution of Always in 1 Persons-toko.

EQ - Management - Legal.

Since the arrival of AI for demolition of Human body, the Young Population has dived into Icehouse... and have No Plans to come to surfiace, soon.

Together with Royalfoundation / Kate Middleton & William of Wales, we start Legal Health.

How to think - behave - act for Legal Self-defence , while Robot tries to kill you?




Rechtsherstel = Legal Redress

The Restoration of Rights bring Legal Health.

All children of all ages can talk about Legal Rights and the Restoration of it, when their Rights are being violated.

Adults start at Win all Lawsuits procedure; on their Own Merits.


Juridische Gezondheid:

  • Evolutie systeem, waarin Mens zichzelf Sterker maakt met Wetten & Verdragen.
  • Schrijf systeem: je moet opschrijven HOE je jezelf sterker en gezonder maakt ...door Wet & Verdrag te gebruiken.
  • Praat systeem: Je praat met mensen in je Huis - Werk - Club - op Straat over het lezen van Wetten & Verdragen' ; over het schrijven van juiste brieven aan Mensen & Organisaties in je Leven.

Zelf doen: een Platform bouwen ... waarop alle Mensen die je kent... zichzelf Goed & Sterk houden ... door Slechte Criminele mensen te stoppen / te verwijderen uit je Leven.

Wat AI Robot doet = fout.

AI negeert Grondwet / VN Charter / Folterverdrag . Robot discrimineert en verzint verhalen. AI mag de kwaliteit van je Leven niet verslechteren.



While working on your Win all Lawsuits procedure against Copilot / GROK / AI Body-hacking and murder.... you need to take care of your Human Body.

It is impossible to Survive this Satellite war in your Life & Body...without starting Lawsuit.


https://www.researchgate.net/publication /340847458_Co-REERP_Cooperative_Reliable_an d_Energy_Efficient_Routing_Protocol_for _Intra_Body_Sensor_Network_Intra-WBSN




Grafeen zoekt eiwit in bloed /


http://dietippingmethode.de/ Self-cleansing under Satellite murder, but you must go to Court of Law.... too.





KateMiddleton, William of Wales,

We all need a Kabelbaan- Funiculare Management Reality Check. www.samsem.org

JohnnyDepp and I prove to MyBillionKids 'that OpenAI - Copilot is a SyntheticMedia money raking system, that does not publish reality about Human Lives'. And, AI does not read Legal websites / Twitter accounts.

Perhaps I will be Quean of UK/ Commonwealth, under God's will.... TinyHouse Botanica Parliament Lifestyle. Under all My Protest...

New Head of Police KingdomNL - JannyKnol - does not own the Skills

  • to cut away Corruption at HogeRaad
  • to stop NL parliament - government - ICC - Justice corruption.

Police RepublicNL is a parasite on my body, without doing anything at all for me. They don't even recognize me as a woman who lives in hel; being attackted by Justice corruption.

NL government website Kingdom NL is being Minimalized.

Heavy Criminals Methods of Work: "NL government is a NON-messager'. I turn to the Gov.UK site and devide all DATA by 3 , so I can estimate the Real Politics in Kingdom NL.

Want to leave this Insanity. Don't want to spend the rest of my Life , losing Energy to People who don't want to construct a ZEN Healing Botanica parliament.

Am dreaming of writing Childrens'books for Justice education. Of, heaving a Good time with @Leaderswedeserve. Young People who work very hard... to make Earth a more Beautiful place.




Copilot lies about Depp x Stokkel . https://neverfeartruth.com/


June2024 / Depp wants to play Devil / Depp does not take care of Children in Warzone / I don't want any contact with him anymore... / https://www.nme.com/news/film/johnny-depp-to-play-satan-in-new-terry-gilliam-film-3761783


Learn Japanese with Childrens' books