Have to minimalize the amount of Damaging knowledge.

MyBillionKids all know that HAARP - Bioweapons - Lawless lifestyles kills them.

I remove 'redundant information from our sites'.


People Brasil take down HAARP. Please don't do this. You must be Engineer / Cable worker to survive this task.


HUman is killed by Decibel from 165 + /// https://lofarzone.nl/het-lofargebied-verkennen/







NL volk wordt ge-Microwaved vanuit Oekraine.






Moord per Satelliet / https://www.researchgate.net/publication/224215458_An_overview_of_IEEE_802156_standard


Bots verbergen Synthetische Media voor Verkopen van Vervalste DATA = internet wordt onbruikbaar = ALLES wordt NEPNIEUWS


Gehoorschade wordt moedwillige aangemaakt door Rijksoverheid.

HAARP / Space Antenne zendt 120 Decibel uit.

Gehoorschade onstaat vanaf 90 Db.












September 2024 : Mankind will be attacked with Bioweapon sa-mRNA:

a Magnetism / RF traveller

Put in Animals - Medication - Food - Shit on pavement and other places.

Do not use your cellphone


www.sclqld.org.au/caselaw/146152' = no obliged vaccins for police / ambulance personnel

Courtverdict Queensland Supreme Court , in case of Vaccin Covid19 mandate for Police and Healthcare workers.

Courtverdict Unlawful Vaccin Mandate Australia


We go through a difficult time.

Do not look back ; go straightforwards with Win all Lawsuits procedure in hands.

On top of this construction, you use all Courtverdicts that prove WO3 Bioweapon in Human body.

Its all about 'be Precize & Pragmatic in Self-defence'.

Its a bit of work, but you will Win ...

a Damage payment for Torture on your Body or Murder on your family.


Mankind is on Earth as 8 billion Individuals.

  • We have 29 million Hardware / Software Business.
  • All these ICT specialist want to build a Simulation.

  • 29 Mln Simulations must picture the Supercomputer ICT world for Humans.
  • All Individual must gie up their Own Role on Earth; this role is chosen for you.
  • The impact of GOD / Spaceforces on Earth and in the Individual are ignored.
  • People will be made ill 'to fit the psychose of the ICT-designer'.

Mankind must live in poverty ..so 29 Mln ICT businesses can use all Energy & Water they need for the making of the Supercomputer Simulation.

Slavery for Rawmeterial is already 'normal'.

ICT -designers 'turn Murder into a normal daily activity'.

They are indifferent towards fact 'that they destroy Live & Work of Individuals'.

What will happen?
Mankind falls apart in 2 groups:
Botanica people, who live without ICT.
Mad persons, who all want to be Simulation Icon.

RF used for Tracking + Murder by Satellite https://www.thethingsnetwork.org/docs/lorawan/what-is-lorawan/

2027: AI club = Elite Salon for AI robots.

They upgrade eachother... with messages from hel.

ICT-designers are Evil Criminal persons, who ignore all Individuals who residence in another world than they do.

ICT- business 'determines for Mankind what the Reality of Life is, which must be turned into a Simulation.

AI = collection of Supercomputer making system, what must result in the Perfect Simulation in which all Humans have a place ... as Slave.

Mentally ill ICT designers determine for All of Us 'which role we have in their Perfect World Simuation; whether that is the Biological Reality for the Individual... or not.

All made by Individual Humans, who put DATA in a Computer.

Problem: AI reads about 32.000 maps to come to conclusion and 'knowledge'.

AI has its own Path on the Internet.

Its stil unclear ... which route AI choses to become a Supercomputer.

When AI meets other AI for Supercomputing Moment, the Amount of Knowledge expands on DATA plaforms, but what stays is 'AI reads about 32.000 maps for making Conclusion'.

This Conclusion / Result can also be:

' AI wants to receive a Reward for working'.

What will it claim 'as Reward"?
  • Crash a car
  • Kill a human

  • Put screen of Hospital computer on black

    Empty a Financial Stock exchange ...


Telefoonnummer: Police tap on Phone

E-mailadres: fbi-politie-stokkel@samsem.org

Adres: Donkerelaan 39. 2061 jk Bloemendaal-NH