Whether you like it or not; THIS is the only legal procedure with which you can Savekeep your Own Life.

You don't need to go to Court;
Publish PDFs on your Own Website... in which you outline 'How you operate ..based upon the Win all Lawsuits procedure'.

Evolution of Psychiatry: We - mankind - are going through a Well Known Phase in the Psycho-therapy:

  1. Warlords start to behave like Slimy Saints, because they don't want to go to Prison for Depopulation & Theft.
  2. Young People are 'put on a dog leash' = kids are manipulated in the New World the Warlords need for himself / herself.

Do not accept it: they will kill you anyway with AI robots... before years 2028.

Because they know very well 'that they can only stay in Total Control... when they maintain the Genocide on all Humans'.

You can only Stay alive - in Good Health - when you START all your Communications with:
' I am being Tortured & Killed by Government / Business / Individual. This criminal must pay me for Damage; STARTING from the UN - EU - International Criminal Court - President / Government Corruption'.


www.glanlaw.org: Young People going to Court for their Justice Lifestyle.